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loving treatments of traditional ballads. - Emily Friedman, Come for to Sing, Chicago

Guitar by Peter Sawchyn - detail

Paddy Tutty - Live Reviews

Paddy plays a rocking dulcimer! Her guitar, fiddle and dulcimer were all perfectly matched to the songs that she sang and she explores both Child Ballads and Appalachian traditional music with the same reverent verve. - Pondside Music, Victoria

What made the whole thing work was great vocals combined with solid accompaniment. - Airtight, CJSR-FM, Edmonton

Singing songs that tell stories of women and men who pre-date the dreams of the prairie settlers, Paddy Tutty's music has a quality of magic in it that reminds the fields themselves of their former glory. Her voice guides the strings of her guitar and dulcimer and sets off the punchiness of her concertina playing through tales of passion, words of warning, and incantations for the finest of rains and sunniest of days. - Gravelbourg Tribune

Her compelling stage presence and beautiful traditional melodies are a winning combination. - Rocky Mountain Folk Club, Calgary

The Saskatoon balladeer has an uncanny presence heightened by the unusual music that she sings. - Omenica Express, Vanderhoof, BC

Dirty Linen

Tutty's simple, straightforward interpretation of traditional material has stood the test of time. She cuts to the emotional heart of her material, giving a respectful yet meaningful interpretation of the songs. - Dirty Linen Magazine

Canadian Folk Music

Paddy's singing is genuine and unvarnished, and is never at odds with the spirit of the stories she sings. It has been a long 13 years since her last recording, but she has made it worth the wait. Canadian Folk Music


Tutty's trademarks are her true, clear vocals, precise playing and complete respect for the music...Beautiful vocal arrangements and some truly tasty's a must for any folk collection. - Quarternotes, Winnipeg Folk Festival

Sound Bytes

My recommendation is to pick up a copy of the roving jewel, Paddy Tutty's fifth release, and give it a listen. While the title of this release is a reference to the first track, "Katy Cruel," it might also refer to Tutty, for she is surely a jewel of Canadian folk music. - Bob Mackenzie, Sound Bytes